Sweegen joins Foodvalley Netherlands for Closer Collaboration and Innovation with Regional Food and Beverage Manufacturers

October 19th, 2020

Sweegen’s membership in Europe’s Foodvalley Netherlands will bring thought leadership and collaboration on sweet taste solutions, and innovation for helping regional food and beverage manufacturers reduce sugar in products.


What is Foodvalley?

Foodvalley is an organization described as, a “primary knowledge-intensive agrifood ecosystem in the Netherlands. This ecosystem is characterized by many world class innovative agrifood and food-related solutions and by the cooperation between companies, knowledge institutions, education and governments.”

Sweegen’s role in this ecosystem will be to share its innovation to further its mission to help reduce the sugar and artificial sweeteners in global diets. As obesity rates increase, so do the cases of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. These health issues can be

Sweegen’s membership in Foodvalley will spark collaboration with global food and beverage manufacturers to help them create zero-sugar products for iconic brands, and introducing the best next-generation stevia sweeteners, flavor modulators, and texturants.

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