Work with our global applications team to create consumer-preferred, reduced- and zero-added sugar products


End-to-End Concept Development

Our expertise in consumer insights and product development coupled with an in-depth knowledge of sweeteners and flavors enable us to provide clients with the best tasting products from ideation to launch.

Product Renovation

With over 60+ years of global product development experience, we are equipped to develop sugar reduced products that are comparable to existing in-market full sugar products and meet consumer preferences.

Standard Portfolio Options

Global portfolio of sugar reduced, consumer-preferred taste solutions for every category within food, beverage and nutrition that are fully developed and ready for market launch.

Customized Nature-based Solutions

We focus on providing customized nature-based solutions tailored to deliver winning products. Whether we focus on mouthfeel, texture, or sweetness perception, we have the tools in our Bestevia® Taste Solutions to deliver to your specific needs.

Rapid Development Turnaround

We understand the need to move quickly in today’s market, and we pride ourselves in our fast turnaround time for product development and sampling. Let our experts find the right solution for you and speed your development time.

Expert-to-Expert Interaction

Our product development team is here to help tackle your sugar reduction needs. Our experts can address general usage level questions as well as complex issues involving processing and manufacturing of foods and beverages.

On-site Collaboration

Our team of experts travel around the globe working with clients to develop new products, provide technical service support for new launches and scale ups, and post scale-up manufacturing support. We also welcome our clients to visit our product development facilities and work with our team of experts to develop your product on site.

Applications Expertise

Our flavor and food science experts have a range of expertise to deliver the right solution.


Beverage is one of the largest categories for sugar reduction and one of the most challenging. From flavored waters to alcoholic drinks, we have a full range of solutions that provide the sweetness, mouthfeel and taste modulation to deliver the best tasting sugar reduced beverages.

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Sugar plays a key role in many dairy products, not only as a sweetener but also in functionality. We have solutions coupled with our Bestevia® sweeteners that provide the sweetness and the functionality you need.

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Confections is the most challenging category for sugar reduction because of the functionality of sugar in the confection matrix. Our team of experts has developed a portfolio to overcome the formulation challenges and deliver sugar reduced confections such as gummies, hard candies, and chocolate confections.

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Sugar plays a key role in bakery, serving as a sweetener, a bulking agent, and a reaction flavor. We have created a portfolio of solutions that provides the sweetness, bulking, texture and flavor profiles that naturally occur with full sugar baked products.

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The savory category is growing for sugar reduction. As consumers become more aware of sugar content in their food products, the need for sugar reduction in sauces, dressings, condiments and ready meal sauces grows. Our team has created a portfolio of sugar reduced taste solutions specific to the sauces and condiments categories.

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The nutritional products category was one of the earliest adopters of stevia and continues to launch and innovate in the market. We have a full portfolio of taste solutions for sugar reduced nutritional products focusing not only on the sweetness but also the texture, masking and bitterness blocking of proteins, vitamins and other functional ingredients.

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Make your next sweet innovation with Sweegen.

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