Stevia is a sweetener made from a plant of the same name. 

Our process begins with the extraction of naturally-occurring sweet compounds, called steviol glycosides, from stevia leaves.

Enzymes are used to bioconvert these steviol glycosides into the preferred, better tasting components, which are then isolated and purified.  The molecules produced (Reb M, Reb D or any other targeted steviol glycoside) are identical to those found in nature. The result is great-tasting, next generation stevia sweeteners for use in beverage and food products which delight global consumers.

Proprietary Process

Environmentally friendly and sustainable stevia technology

We start our process with sustainably-sourced stevia leaves. Since the best tasting molecules are in such small quantities in the leaves, we use our bioconversion technology to produce a range of stevia sweeteners with assured quality, regulatory compliance and competitive prices. Our proprietary process enables efficient land use and allows us to support farmers by using their stevia leaves. Our goal is to bring the best of nature to our customers and their consumers by ensuring sustainable production and regulatory compliance.

The advantages of our platform

Our expertise in manufacturing and investment in technology and science has given our team a strong advantage in the market.

  1. Unique IP, a proprietary manufacturing process with several granted and pending patents
  2. Regulatory compliance
  3. Highly efficient manufacturing process that ensures sustained availability, consistent quality and competitive pricing
  4. Vertical integration, large capacity and food grade GMP facilities in Europe and Asia that ensure continuous production and quality standards
Our intellectual property

Our exclusive license agreement in the sweetener space with R&D powerhouse Conagen ( allows us to remain ahead of the competition. Conagen is based in Boston, MA and employs scientists with educational backgrounds from MIT, Harvard and other world-renowned universities. The Conagen research and development teams specialize in molecular biology and scale up for commercial use.

Continuous Innovation

Our exclusive license agreement allows us to produce a wide range of steviol glycosides naturally found in the stevia leaf with each molecule offering different characteristics like taste, mouthfeel and solubility. Our partnership with Conagen allows us to continuously deliver a full range of innovative solutions from the stevia leaf.

With over 27 issued patents on sweetener molecules, along with proprietary know-how (trade secret), we have formed a solid foundation for the commercial production of next-generation stevia sweeteners.

Make your next sweet innovation with Sweegen.

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