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How Sweegen Taste Blazers Create Wellness for the World

Product Development Experts on a Mission to Optimize Food and Beverage

Taste Blazers Create Wellness

Wellness is universal. 

And for many people, experiencing a pandemic did not help with focusing on wellness or self-care goals. It’s now time to make a change by being more mindful and intentional about what we put into our bodies.

Consumption patterns in the beverage space show that consumers are lowering their caloric intake and reaching for lower-calorie options each day.

As health increasingly becomes a life priority, people are willing to change their lifestyles to fight against diseases and health risks. This includes reducing sugar intake. Not only are consumers becoming more mindful of their intake, but they are also considering more nature-based options for sweetness. They are increasingly moving away from artificial ingredients and gravitating toward products designed with natural, clean, and healthy ingredients such as stevia sweeteners.  

The sugar reduction revolution is here. And Sweegen is pioneering the way with clean, nature-based ingredient technologies. 

Join us – Sweegen’s Taste Blazers – as we optimize the future of food and beverage with your consumers in mind. We are consistently working behind the scenes to create new advancements necessary to make healthy stuff taste great, while still keeping it as good for you as possible.   

Sweegen’s innovative new formulations and tempting twists on old favorites are designed to excite, delight, and inspire a kaleidoscope of intriguing tastes while promoting healthy habits. From essential to exotic, our portfolio of iconic Taste Blazing Solutions covers all regions and applications where new approaches for sugar reduction are essential. 

Our fresh approach to sugar reduction focuses on achieving a full taste experience by helping you re-balance sugar-reduced products for optimal sweetness, mouthfeel/texture, and flavor. All sugar reduction is not created equal. We challenge industry norms and focus on boldly creating unique and personalized solutions to meet your product development needs. 

Taste Blazers do not develop cookie-cutter solutions. Because it’s time for us to influence the future, not just flow with it. 

You have a Choice. Choose Well.