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How to Create the Calm Before the Storm

Sweegen’s Modern Take on Classic Cocktails

Calm Before the Storm Non Alcoholic Cocktail

Murky as the waters during a treacherous storm, the Dark ‘N Stormy is Bermuda’s spiced specialty and official cocktail. This drink traditionally consists of ginger beer as the base, Gosling’s Black Seal Rum served over the top, served with a lime wedge as a garnish. Simple syrup and lime juice are sometimes added. 


Gosling’s dark rum is a key ingredient and its history dates back to 1806, when the son of wine and spirits merchant, James Gosling, left England on a mission to expand the family liquor business to America. After 3 months, his charter ended near Bermuda and he was left stranded with a whole lot of alcohol and not much money.  


James decided to begin selling his inventory and eventually obtained a liquor license to continue his business venture. His brother joined him and the family never left the island.  


Around 1860, the Goslings began experimenting with rum and created a full-bodied dark rum. Around the same time, the British Royal Navy began brewing ginger beer. Sailors began adding a splash of Gosling’s rum to their ginger beer for a sweet kick. Upon enjoying this mixture, a sailor commented that the drink’s cloudiness mirrored weather conditions only fools would sail in and coined it the “Dark ‘N Stormy.” 


With such a rich history, it's hard to imagine this cocktail without alcohol. But consumers are demanding cleaner beverages, with less or no alcohol, and more benefits – Adults are limiting, or avoiding alcohol consumption altogether, for a variety of reasons: 47 percent choose to do so to improve health, 38 percent do so to manage their weight, 34 percent want to save money and 25 percent are looking to reduce the risk of disease, according to Beverage Consultancy, Brand Relations.  


Cue Sweegen’s non-alcoholic cocktail concepts. We have one we like to call the Calm Before the Storm because we’ve proven you don’t need alcohol to enjoy a delicious cocktail. But creating non-alcoholic cocktails presents its own set of challenges. Reinventing the taste profile of alcohol is complex – By removing alcohol, key taste notes can be lacking, and if executed incorrectly, non-alcoholic mixed drinks may fall short and become flat and boring. 


To the product developers out there creating non-alcoholic mixed drinks, we know re-establishing balance in your better-for-you beverage creation can be challenging. Consider using flavors for Taste Modulation. 


Our diverse portfolio of natural flavors can help you modify sweetness, block bitterness, control linger, or reduce astringency. With Sweegen's Flavors for Taste Modulation on your side, non-alcoholic cocktails can taste just as rich as their alcoholic predecessors. 


We know taste modulation is not one-size-fits-all. We work with fellow innovators to curate unique flavors for taste modulation tailored to help you reach your brand’s sugar reduction and wellness goals. 


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You have a choice. Choose well.