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Sweegen Ingredient Technologies and Innovations for Non-Dairy Alternatives

Q&A with Casey McCormick, VP of Global Innovation at Sweegen

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1) What specific ingredients related to non-dairy options do you offer brands in food and beverage development applications, either sweet or savory?

Sweegen has three technology pillars: Taste Modulation, Signature Sweeteners, and Taste Blazer Full Solutions. Our Sweegen Taste Modulation technology enables improvements in taste through the addition of Natural Flavors. Our flavor and product development expertise, especially in non-dairy alternatives, leads to improvements such as reduction in bitterness or astringency, as well as enhancement of sweetness or tonal flavors.

Our Signature Sweetener portfolio features our next-generation Bestevia® portfolio that includes many high-value Stevia Rebaudiosides, such as Reb M, D, E, and many more.

And finally, our Taste Blazer Full Solutions allow us to combine these technologies into one complete solution for our clients. This creative-building-block approach enables brands to receive a simple all-in-one ingredient solution that addresses multi-dimensional changes to their products.

2) What unique benefits do your non-dairy ingredients offer to food and beverage manufacturers? Nutrition? Texture? Color? Taste? Other?

Sweegen’s ingredients allow the enhancement of the taste of any product without the need to add low nutrient density calories. This can be through flavor modification that allows functional ingredients to have a more mainstream taste in the finished product. Or through our Signature Sweeteners that can enhance the sensory experience without the need for added sugar.

3) What are some applications for this ingredient(s)? How could food and beverage manufacturers apply it?

Sweegen delivers technology in a broad range of formats to suit any food or beverage category. In addition to offering either powdered or liquid versions of our nature-based sweetener systems, we also have versions that can solve for long-standing processing challenges to manufacturers such as high-acid or high-fat applications, or formats where solubility can pose a significant challenge. Sweegen also specializes in building customized nature-based sweetener systems that allow the technology to be adapted to any manufacturer’s specific needs.

4) Do your ingredient solutions have a particular supply chain story or special certifications?

Sweegen’s portfolio is Kosher, Halal, Vegan, Gluten-Free as well as non-GMO. Our proprietary enzymatic bioconversion process means that there is limited waste and low water usage in the production of our nature-based sweetener systems. Also, the high sweetness intensity of our Bestevia® means that a lower carbon footprint will be required vs. what will be required to harvest, process, and transport a comparable amount of sweetness from conventional sweeteners like table sugar.

Source: F&B Insider-Non-dairy Innovations Product Development Guide