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How to Reimagine the Mojito

Sweegen’s Modern Take on Classic Cocktails

Mojito Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

Refined and revitalizing, the Mojito cocktail has become a classy global favorite.  


But it hasn’t always been this way - the Mojito comes from humble beginnings and has matured throughout the years as flavorful ingredients have become more accessible.  


The Mojito began as a scrappy little drink, and 2 theories surround its inception, both originating in Havana, Cuba. 


Theory 1 claims that when Cuba was a Spanish colony, indigenous islanders shared a special drink recipe with African slaves working in the Cuban sugar fields. It consisted of a sugar cane juice distillate, called Aguardiente (rum precursor), tropical mint, sugarcane, and lime juice.  


Theory 2 claims that pirates got their greedy hands on the ingredients for this sweet drink recipe as they attempted to raid Havana for its gold. Richard Drake, a pirate, may have stolen the remedy from the indigenous population and created the first version of the mojito in an attempt to fight off scurvy while at sea, allegedly naming it “El Draque.” 


By the 1800s, light-bodied rum was introduced and replaced the sugarcane juice. During the prohibition era, it became a highball drink served with club soda. Today, the Mojito is traditionally crafted with sugar, lime juice, fresh spearmint, rum, topped with soda water and served over ice.  


For bartenders, preparing Mojitos can be messy and complicated as they require muddling of spearmint and very specific ingredients. They must be made to order because they require such precision and care. 


While delicious, Mojitos have an average of 150 calories each, and consumers worldwide are demanding drinks with less sugar, less calories, and less baggage.  


Imagine developing a Mojito without the calories or the hangover, but with the same great taste. Consumers and bartenders will thank you for making their lives better. 


Sweegen’s ever-growing toolkit of ingredients helps our clients create better, healthier products that are optimized for taste, texture, and nutrition. 


We empower global beverage manufacturers to create next-generation better-for-you beverages. We have developed no-sugar-added non-alcoholic mixed cocktail concepts in anticipation of delivering the best taste experience for the health-conscious consumers of today and tomorrow. Not only are Sweegen’s innovative concepts delicious and free of sugar and alcohol, but they also provide promote relaxation and anti-stress, powered by our signature adaptogen, L-Teactive®.  


With global Sweegen Innovation Studios rooted in California, Mexico City, and the United Kingdom, we uniquely address each culture and customize solutions based on their regional taste profiles and needs. We are always advancing approvals of and innovation with our portfolio of products and flavors to ensure locally favorite products taste delicious while delivering health and wellness benefits. 


Partner with us to leverage our innovative Taste Solutions to meet surging consumer demand for improved taste, healthier choices, and cleaner, simpler ingredients in beverage and food products. 


You have a choice. Choose well.