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Which Indulgent Foods & Beverages are Consumers Gravitating Towards This Season and Why

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Foods and beverages make the world go round. They are the centerpiece of celebrations, gatherings, and connections. People use them to find comfort, spark conversations, and reminisce about old memories.  

It is apparent that consumers allow themselves to indulge a little bit more than usual during the Fall and Winter seasons. According to multiple market research surveys and polls, 60-65% of consumers report indulging more in comfort foods during Fall and Winter months compared to Spring and Summer months. 

Let’s dive into the potential reasons for the indulgent season and how you can best meet your consumers exactly where they are by developing products that fit into their lifestyles and consumption occasions.  

Reasons for the Indulgent Seasons

Special Occasion Mindset 

Many people adopt a "special occasion" mindset during the holidays, which can lead to a more permissive attitude toward indulgent foods. They may feel that it's acceptable to eat without restriction because it's a rare and special time that calls for sweet treats.

Social Gatherings 

Holidays typically involve social gatherings and parties with friends and family. These events often revolve around festive or traditional foods and beverages, and the festive atmosphere can encourage people to indulge more than usual.

Stress and Emotions 

Holidays can be stressful for many people due to the pressure of gift-giving, travel, hosting, and other responsibilities. Food can be a source of comfort during these times, leading to emotional eating. Stress and emotions can drive people to overeat or indulge more in their favorite comfort foods. 

Moods play a vital role in holistic wellness and are something our consumer insights division has conducted in-depth studies on to uncover exactly how individual moods affect food and beverage consumption patterns. Contact us to learn more: https://sweegen.com/contact-us/


Foods and Beverages Consumers Reach for During Fall and Winter Seasons

Themed Treats 

Sweet Beverages 

Seasonal alcoholic ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, like Scary Marys (Halloween-themed bloody marys like the one in our photo above), tend to use tons of sugar or high-sugar fruit juices to mask the natural alcohol burn present in higher-proof cocktails.  Our Sweetensify ™ Flavors can help you smooth out the alcohol burn in your RTD cocktails for a more premium and smoother taste experience for your consumers.  

Sweet Snacks 

Themed treats become gathering centerpieces during sweater season. From charcuterie boards at intimate in-home gatherings to goodie bags at big Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s events, sweet snacks, like candy, are a crowd favorite. Reimagine sweet treats to focus on great taste and functionality, without all the calories that sugar imparts. Use our Sweetensify™ Flavors to reduce the bitterness of your chocolate-y products to allow natural chocolate characteristics to shine while reducing sugar and improving creamy mouthfeel.  

Harvest Flavor Vibes 

Consumers gravitate to warm and comforting flavors during this time of the year. According to our sister company, Sensegen, “As consumers spend more time indoors in fall, they look for more hot beverages, like coffees and teas, and seasonal flavors in popcorns, nuts, granola bars, and baked goods […].”  

Sweetensify™ Flavors can help mitigate the bitterness often found in RTD latte drinks. Leverage our taste modulation technologies, alongside Sensegen’s consumer-data-inspired Fall Flavor Collection to innovate sensational seasonal RTD drinks that truly awaken the senses. 

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