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At Sweegen, we continually forge the future of wellness in food and drink by pioneering exciting new ingredient technologies and innovations.

For today. And tomorrow.

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If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Partner with Sweegen to find the right combination of natural sweeteners, flavor, and textures for your next reduced-sugar product.

  • Cut sugar. Get more flavor. Push the boundaries of better-for-everyone product innovation with our proprietary new-to-the-world taste modulation flavors in our Sweetensity Collection. Powered by Sweegen’s sweet protein technology.
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  • Never be satisfied with yesterday’s achievements. Join us as we imagine the next generation of sweetness technology: sweet proteins. Impact sweet quality and sweet intensity like never before with our nature-based sweet protein technology.
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  • Tackle your toughest sugar reduction challenges with our Taste Modulation technology. Our proprietary sweetness enhancers and bitter blockers are a must-have in every product developer’s toolkit.
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  • With our complete menu of unique zero calorie Stevia Sweeteners like Reb M, Reb E, Reb D and many others, we continue to pioneer the latest sugar alternatives to reimagine food and drink.
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  • Dispel the myth that healthy stuff can’t taste great. Sweegen’s full taste solutions for reduced sugar food or drink create sensory pleasure with optimal sweetness, mouthfeel/texture and flavor. Easy to use. Well. Done.
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  • Around the world, we focus on making locally favorite products taste delicious while delivering total well-being. Our Innovation Studios are open globally: Southern California, Mexico City, London and Singapore(Coming Soon). Come visit and find a world of wellness innovation.
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News and Events

Sweegen at BevNET Live Summer June 14 & 15 2023!

Sweegen at BevNET Live Summer June 14 & 15 2023!

Connect with our team and try our sugar reduction technology at BevNET Live Summer 2023 in New York June 14 & 15. Taste demos with our new-to-the-world Sweetensify™ Flavors as part of our Sweetensify™ Collection featuring Sweet Protein Brazzein! Cut Sugar. Get More Flavor.

Wondering how we can accomplish this? Visit:

Sweegen at Dairy Innovation Strategies Conference April 19 & 20 2023!

Sweegen at Dairy Innovation Strategies Conference April 19 & 20 2023!

Join Sweegen EMEA Taste Blazers as they inspire you to create better-for-everyone dairy innovations through delicious prototypes at Booth #18 and a live interactive talk on Day 2!
Interactive talk details: April 20, 9:20 AM – Make Sugar Reduction Less Frustrating – New Technologies That Will Help. Learn more: Agenda: Dairy Innovation Strategies Conference

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If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. We are your trusted partner for the highest levels of customized service and the broadest toolbox of taste solutions. You have a choice. Choose well.

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