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At Sweegen, we continually forge the future of wellness in food and drink by pioneering exciting new ingredient technologies and innovations.

For today. And tomorrow.

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If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Partner with Sweegen to find the right combination of natural sweeteners, flavor, and textures for your next reduced-sugar product.

  • Cut sugar. Get more flavor. Push the boundaries of better-for-everyone product innovation with our proprietary new-to-the-world taste modulation flavors in our Sweetensity Collection. Powered by Sweegen’s sweet protein technology.
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  • Never be satisfied with yesterday’s achievements. Join us as we imagine the next generation of sweetness technology: sweet proteins. Impact sweet quality and sweet intensity like never before with our nature-based sweet protein technology.
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  • Unlock the code to delicious, better-for-you tastes consumers love with specialized taste modulation tools for addressing specific taste challenges that arise when reducing high levels of unwholesome ingredients.
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  • With our complete menu of unique zero calorie Stevia Sweeteners like Reb M, Reb E, Reb D and many others, we continue to pioneer the latest sugar alternatives to reimagine food and drink.
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  • Dispel the myth that healthy stuff can’t taste great. Sweegen’s full taste solutions for reduced sugar food or drink create sensory pleasure with optimal sweetness, mouthfeel/texture and flavor. Easy to use. Well. Done.
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  • Around the world, we focus on making locally favorite products taste delicious while delivering total well-being. Our Innovation Studios are open globally: Southern California, Mexico City, London and Singapore(Coming Soon). Come visit and find a world of wellness innovation.
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News and Events

Sweegen Calls Out Manus Bio on False NutraSweet® Reb M Claims

Sweegen Calls Out Manus Bio on False NutraSweet® Reb M Claims

Sweegen, the global leader of wellness ingredient and taste modulation technologies, has called on Manus Bio to stop selling an adulterated NutraSweet® sweetener Reb M under false claims.

In a cease-and-desist letter addressed to Manus’s president Dr. Ajikumar Parayil, Sweegen points out that, even though Manus claims that its NutraSweetM™ is “stevia extraction Reb M,” such Reb M offered by the company is not made through extraction.

This marks Sweegen’s latest effort in protecting the integrity of the stevia industry since it released an alert in November 2023 on the pressing issue of adulteration and mislabeling, specifically concerning Stevia Reb M sold under false claims intentionally.

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Trailblazing Sweet Innovation and Taste Optimization for Better-For-You Products

tastecode, taste modulation, sugar reduction, reduce sugar, ingredients, food, beverage, less sugar, sugar free, low calorieWe all love sugar—whether it’s a quick sugary drink for energy, a sweet treat to calm stress or a nostalgic dessert to remind us of simpler times. But overconsumption can lead to serious risks.

Reducing daily sugar intake has become a focus for both consumers and brands, but it’s not always an easy task to cut sugar content without sacrificing taste.

That’s where companies like Sweegen are helping make this transition possible…

Read the full article here: Trailblazing Sweet Innovation and Taste Optimization for Better-For-You Products

Sweegen at IFT FIRST Chicago July 15 to 17, 2024!

Sweegen’s Taste Blazers invite you to Chicago IFT FIRST® Booth 1831 to taste a World of Wellness: Reduced-Sugar Beverages with Benefits. Visit our booth to transport your tastebuds to a World of Wellness where less sugar and more flavor meets function. Join us on a reduced-sugar taste journey by tasting beverages formulated to help you relax and rejuvenate.

See all that we have in store here:

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