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Unlock the Code
to Delicious Taste.

Slash ingredients that stand in the way of wellness with Sweegen’s global line of taste optimization tools.

Fueled by Sweegen’s growing portfolio of proprietary molecules, Tastecode Natural Flavor Technologies unlock the code to delicious, better-for-you tastes consumers love with specialized tools for addressing specific taste challenges that arise when reducing high levels of unwholesome ingredients.

Tastecode provides exceptional flexibility for re-establishing balance in a better-for-you food or beverage system. Whether you need to refine sweetness, smooth bitterness, manage a lingering note, improve mouthfeel, or reduce astringency, Tastecode™’s got you covered.

Tastecode modulation tools target individual components of taste to allow deliciousness to shine.


Tastecode Sweet Refining Natural Flavor Tech builds back sweet quality in low-sugar products.


Tastecode Bitter Smoothing Natural Flavor Tech works across multiple bitterants.


Tastecode Linger Managing Flavor Tech is a cost-effective tool to help manage off-notes associated with linger.


Tastecode Mouthfeel Improving Natural Flavor Tech builds back the body in products for an optimized taste experience without the need for added gums or stabilizers.


Tastecode Acid Reducing Natural Flavor Tech balances the sweet acid profile in lieu of adding more sugar.

When combined with Tastecode Sweet Refining Tech, sugar reduction opportunities are expanded.


Tastecode Astringency Cutting Natural Flavor Tech reduces astringency in functional products.

We have Tastecode technologies to address regional regulatory compliances across the globe.

Tastecode inspired the Sweetensify Collection, our exclusive collection of taste modulation flavors powered by sweet protein technology.

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Unlock the code to better-for-you-tastes consumers love with Tastecode Global Flavors for Taste Modulation

Uncover what Tastecode flavor tools can do to help you optimize taste in your food and drink innovations. Leverage Tastecode to custom design delicious delicacies.

Manage Lingering Off Notes
in Functional Beverages
Smooth Bitterness in High-Proof
Ready-to-Drink Cocktails
Improve Mouthfeel in Dairy
and Plant Based Products
Cut Astringency in Chocolate
Reduce Acidity in Soft Drinks
Refine Sweetness in Bakery
Tackle Taste Challenges with Tastecode.

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