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Wellness encompasses 7 distinct dimensions of life – each of which will continue to re-write how we think about and formulate what we eat and drink:


A healthy body and quality of life including diet, nutrition, exercise and sleep


Being in touch with, aware of and able to express one’s feelings


Engaging with the world through creativity and problem solving


Experiences of Color, Aroma, Texture and Freshness that surprise and delight the senses


Occasions that connect us with others and establish positive relationships with family, friends and community


Our search for meaning and purpose


A healthy planet and ecosystem that’s free of hazards along with the role we play in bettering the earth by protecting its resources

When you begin by considering these dimensions, you naturally innovate your products and services differently and more holistically.

At Sweegen, we view wellness not just as the powerful outcome of our products, but as core to every aspect of our business.

The New


Sweegen is a full-service product developer who is reimagining the world of wellness by pioneering exciting new ingredient technologies and innovations.

Our new Innovation Studio reflects our deep values. Relevance. Responsiveness. Rapid problem solving. And a relentless commitment to, and pursuit of, a culture of excellence.

We are a team of visionaries that share an insatiable curiosity and optimism about the future.

We are bold, yet balanced in our approach. We look across the entire landscape to understand which trends are true – not trite – and then provide imaginative solutions that authentically satisfy those behavioral drivers.

We believe that wellness also involves healthy human relationships. In an era where it’s easy to zoom through the day without direct personal contact, Sweegen continues to believe in one-on-one customized care. Therefore, our contact with you is always personal even if it is not always in person.

Our Innovation Studios are open globally: Southern California, Mexico City, London and Singapore (coming soon). Come visit and find a world of wellness innovation.

All’s Well
That Starts

Our expertise in manufacturing and investment in technology and science give our team a strong market advantage.

Our exclusive licensing agreement with Boston-based, R&D powerhouse Conagen gives us early access to the most cutting-edge technologies. The Conagen research and development teams specialize in molecular biology and scale up for commercial use.

Our expertise in Bioconversion Technology enables us to have the most diverse portfolio of non-GMO, in-demand solutions. And our new product pipeline and access to innovation are unmatched in the industry.

We hold over 27 issued patents for sweetener molecules, along with proprietary know-how (shhh – it’s a trade secret) providing us with an unrivaled foundation for the commercial production of next-generation Stevia sweeteners.

We offer a global approach to regulatory compliance.

Our highly efficient manufacturing process ensures sustained availability, scalability, consistent quality and competitive pricing.

And our vertical integration, large capacity and food grade GMP facilities in Europe and Asia ensure continuous production and quality standards.


Sweegen is all about respecting the world for future generations.

That’s why we produce our Signature Stevia ingredients from sustainably-sourced Stevia leaves, and not from GMO corn or sugar beets. Since the best tasting molecules are in such small quantities in the leaves, we use our Bioconversion Technology to produce a range of zero calorie sweeteners from Stevia Leaves with assured quality, regulatory compliance and competitive prices.

Our proprietary process also enables efficient land use and allows us to support farmers by using their stevia harvest. Our goal is to bring the best of nature to our clients and your end-customers by ensuring sustainable production and a straightforward, transparent manufacturing process.

California Provenance

California is the epi-center of both innovation and the health and wellness way of life. And this heritage is deeply ingrained in our attitudes and approaches.

We invite you to join us at our home in Rancho Santa Margarita in Orange County, California. Once you explore our picturesque parks, pristine lakes, sandy beaches and wilderness preserves, you’ll understand our true nature.

You’ll find our warm kitchen a welcome setting to cook up your latest concepts. And a far cry from the cold, over-industrialized labs you may have experienced in the past.

Work with us

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. We are your trusted partner for the highest levels of customized service and the broadest toolbox of taste solutions. You have a choice. Choose well.

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