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Sweetensify Flavors vs Sugar

We blind taste tested two identical lemon lime soda flavors. One using sugar. The other, using Sweetensify flavor technology. One at a time our panelists sipped away, judging each on taste, aroma, sweetness and fruity flavor.

So how did the challenger score on sugar’s level of deliciousness?

The biggest difference was
…no significant difference!

The lemon was equally lemony, the lime equally sublime, the taste was truly tart. And our Sweegen upstart delivered the full, fresh flavor impact and sweet onset of sugar without the calories.

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The Sweetensify

Powered by Sweegen’s Sweet Protein Technology

Cut Sugar. Get more Flavor.

Push the boundaries of better-for-you product innovation with our proprietary new-to-the-world taste modulation flavors in our Sweetensify Collection.

They enhance the taste of products to deliver a better sweet quality and sweet intensity to push the boundaries of better-for-you product innovation. Unlike ordinary taste modulators, Sweetensify targets multiple taste receptors creating a full-bodied taste experience.

Smooth the alcohol burn for more premium cocktail experiences. Make Juice Juicier with a fresher flavor experience. Bring out creamy and dreamy chocolatey tastes. Replace empty calories in soft drinks. Here are specific examples of how Sweetensify can help you elevate your products.

Sweetensify is powered by our new protein technology, featuring products like Brazzein, Thaumatin and more.

The Sweetensify Collection captivates that part of the tongue that no sugar substitute can.

Sweet Quality

Sweet proteins, like Brazzein, hit a different receptor that other non-caloric sweeteners do not. This enables a higher quality of sweetness and also amplifies flavor expression creating a more sugar-like taste experience.

Sweet Intensity

Optimize sweet potential by pairing the Sweetensify Collection with Sweegen’s Signature Bestevia® sweetener systems to achieve a sweet intensity not possible with individual natural non-caloric sweeteners.

“Sweetensify doesn’t just replace the sweetness but the flavor expression is substantially better than any previous technology. We are working at a biochemistry that others simply can’t.”

Casey McCormick,
Sweegen, VP Global Innovation

There’s nothing like the power of our proprietary protein technology.

That’s because the Sweetensify Collection is based on peptides – very small proteins – a different molecular mechanism.

Unlike other taste modulating flavors, Sweetensify delivers 3-Dimensional benefits that go Well Into The Future to deliver:

  • Fuller, multidimensional sweet taste experience
  • Enhanced Mouthfeel
  • Excellent pH Stability
  • Extended Shelf Life
  • Heat Stability – withstands pasteurization, baking and other heat processes
  • High Solubility

All while:

  • Blocking bitterness
  • Reducing astringency and sweet linger
  • Eliminating funky aftertastes
  • Limiting sugary calories

Let’s Sweetensify Your Next Taste Creation Together

Here are some examples of how Sweetensify can help you on your product development journey. Add Sweetensify flavors to your taste toolbox to boost the deliciousness of your favorite sweet food and drink innovations.

Sensational Carbonated Soft Drinks
Lemon Lime
  • Sweegen’s Bestevia® sweeteners + Sweetensify flavors customized to deliver the full flavor of sugar with zero calorie goodness.
  • Diminish sugar, not flavor

A bold system of Sweegen’s Bestevia® sweeteners + Sweetensify flavors artfully curated to counter the use of artificial high intensity sweeteners

More Exciting Energy Drinks
  • Smooth out the bitterness of caffeine and other active ingredients
  • A bold system of Sweegen’s Bestevia® sweeteners + Sweetensify flavors artfully curated to counter the use of artificial high intensity
Premium Ready-to-Drink Cocktails
  • Beat the burn and bitterness
  • Allows for higher alcohol content
  • Smooths out the alcohol burn without adding sugar
Superior Hard Seltzers
  • Enhances fruit flavors
  • Suppresses alcohol burn
A Chocolate-ier Chocolate
  • Bye-bye back-end chocolate bitterness
  • Enhance chocolatey goodness
  • Delete sugary calories
  • Reduce astringency and unwanted aftertastes
More Gratifying Granola
  • Tone down bitterness and deliver excellent oat flavor without tons of sugar
  • Amplify sweet flavor notes to keep sugar levels low

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All that’s left to say is YUM.

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DISCLAIMER: Sweegen Technology Referenced Above Is Patent Pending