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Entrepreneurial Approach

We live in a world that’s in constant flux. We need to shift from ensuring consistency to stimulating desire. From adopting functional expertise to transforming it. We need to be looking through a telescope as well as a microscope. So, we can influence the future, not just flow with it.

Rapid shifts in end-consumer behavior are placing tremendous demands on the ability to stay current, if not ahead of new trends and tastes. Change now comes so fast, and so often that a new wave emerges before most have had a chance to react to the last.

Traditional, slow-moving companies are not built to handle continuous transformation.

We are.

At Sweegen, we move quickly and nimbly. We provide our clients with what they need, when they need it. We are constantly challenging our industry norms, pushing innovation and boldly creating solutions for today and tomorrow.
We pride ourselves on our Relevance, Responsiveness, Rapid problem solving. And our relentless commitment to, and pursuit of, a culture of excellence.
Collaboration, Co-Creation and Customization


End-to-End Concept Development

Our expertise in consumer insights and product development coupled with an in-depth knowledge of sweeteners and flavors provides our clients with delicious products from ideation to launch.

Product Innovation

We are constantly pioneering new products and techniques that enable innovations comparable to full sugar products that exceed expectations.

Standard Portfolio Options

We deliver easy-to-use sugar reduction solutions in every category within food, beverage and nutrition to optimize sweetness, mouthfeel/texture and taste. Be ready for market quickly.

Customized Nature-based Solutions

We tailor nature-based products to meet your specific requirements. Let us know your goals and we’ll help you meet them.

Rapid Development Turnaround

Moving quickly in today’s fast-paced market is a must. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround time for product development and sampling. Let our experts find the right solution for you and accelerate your development time.

Expert-to-Expert Interaction

Our global product development team is here to help tackle your sugar reduction needs. Our experts can address general usage level questions as well as complex issues involving processing and manufacturing for food and beverage products.

On-site Collaboration

Our team of experts travel the globe working with clients to develop new products, provide technical service support for new launches and scale ups, and post scale-up manufacturing support. Or come visit our Regional Innovation Studios and co-create on site.

Food and Beverage Future

We bring our global forecasting expertise to the world of food and drink, enabling our clients to create and seize the future. We track the long-term trends – dismiss the trite – so you can identify opportunities early, be confident in your thinking and develop the products and ingredients today that people will want to eat, drink and experience tomorrow.

Plan now. Transform tomorrow.

We are part of the revolution to create sustainable ingredients that bring wellness to people around the globe.

Together we will create the right ingredients, products and sensory experiences that will resonate with consumers and help redefine the future of food and drink.

Join us.

Work with us

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. We are your trusted partner for the highest levels of customized service and the broadest toolbox of taste solutions. You have a choice. Choose well.

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