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Our desire for sweets is complicated. On one hand, sugary foods and drinks are perceived to be unhealthy and a major contributor to the global rise in obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

On the other hand, so many moments in our lives that are filled with sharing, joy, or triumph are enjoyed and celebrated with something sweet. Sweetness is everywhere, part of daily moments throughout our world.

Our relationship with alternative sweeteners is equally complicated. While global efforts to reduce sugar consumption are on the rise, we refuse to sacrifice on the delicious sweet taste we all love. Enter Stevia, made from a plant of the same name. Today stevia is often regarded as the perfect sweetener to replace sugar, fructose and artificial sweeteners. It’s safe, calorie and carb free. But not all Stevia ingredients are the same.

At Sweegen, thanks to our proprietary bioconversion process, our Signature Stevia delivers a zero-calorie sweetness from nature – without compromise.

We begin with stevia leaves. Since the best tasting molecules, a.k.a. steviol glycosides, are in such small quantities in the leaves, we use our bioconversion technology to produce our extensive toolbox of Signature Stevia. It’s your guarantee of delicious taste, high quality, global regulatory compliance, competitive prices and a performance closest to sugar.

Our process also enables efficient land use and allows us to support farmers by using their stevia leaves. Our goal is to bring the best of nature to you and your consumers by ensuring sustainable production.

Sweegen’s Signature Stevia portfolio contains the widest variety of stevia sweeteners including Reb M, Reb E, Reb D and many others. Our entire portfolio is non-GMO, clean-tasting, nature-based, and label friendly. Use our Signature Stevia to replace up to 100% of sugar, fructose and artificial sweeteners.

Stay-tuned. At Sweegen, we continue to pioneer the latest sugar alternatives to reimagine food and drink beyond simply lowering calories, improving texture and elevating mouthfeel.

Reb M & Reb D Stevia Sweeteners

  • Can replace up to 100% of sugar, fructose or artificial sweeteners in many applications
  • Clean taste profiles with sugar-like sweetness
  • Label friendly including Non-GMO Project Verification
  • Explore our global regulatory approvals

Flavors with Modifying Properties (FMPs)

  • Our stevia sweeteners can also be used as FMPs.
  • FEMA-GRAS approved nature-based sweetness modulators
  • Liquid and powder
  • Customized flavor solutions available
  • Up to 50% sugar reduction
  • Learn more about our full portfolio of non-stevia based Taste Modulators

Platinum & Gold Liquid Stevia (LQ)

  • Overcomes solubility challenges​
  • Increases product stability​
  • Easy-to-use ‘off the shelf’ solution
  • Easy to handle in lab and factory environment
  • Easy to measure out accurately
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