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Sweetness Enhancement

Our patented sweetness enhancement portfolio provides a wide array of natural flavor options for sugar reduced products. Our flavors allow for up to 50% sugar reduction labeled as Natural Flavor or complement our sweetener solutions for zero sugar products, delivering consumer preferred attributes such as upfront sweetness and a clean, sweet aftertaste. Our cutting-edge flavor technology provides both sweetener and non-sweetener based natural sweet modifiers to meet your needs.

Bitter Blocking

Our patented natural bitter blocking flavors mitigate bitterness associated with bitterants found in functional ingredients which become more predominant when reducing sugar in health and wellness products. Our portfolio reduces bitterness of common bitterants such as coffee, unsweetened cocoa, tea, cannabis, tonic water, over-the-counter and prescription medications, highly caffeinated shots, energy drinks and vitamin supplements.

Linger Control

High intensity sweeteners used to replace sugar are often associated with a cloying, sweet linger. Our natural flavors for linger are created to control the sweet linger during the consumer’s taste experience, leaving the consumer with a desirable balance for sweetness and aftertaste.

Mouthfeel Enhancement

In sugar reduction, the mouthfeel is as important as the sweetness when developing a consumer preferred product. Our natural mouthfeel enhancers provide the increased mouthfeel at various levels to deliver enhancement from low sugar reduction up to zero added sugar products.

Textural Balance

When we consume foods and beverages, we experience different taste perceptions throughout the entire taste profile. How the flavors are released through the tasting experience can rely on the textural balance of the product. Our portfolio provides customized natural flavor blends providing specific attributes targeted to balance the texture and provide a unique and consumer preferred product.

Astringency Reduction

In sugar reduction, the sweet to acid ratios become unbalanced or functional ingredients, such as plant proteins, exhibit more astringency in the finished product. Our natural flavors for astringency reduction allow for the rebalancing of food and beverage products to provide the right amount of acidity and sweet that gives consumers a low to zero calorie option with a great taste.

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