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Meet Brazzein. The novel, new-to-the-world, sweet-tasting protein found exclusively in the fruits of the West African Oubli plant.

What makes Brazzein the next-generation of sugar and artificial sweetener replacements?

It’s 500-2000 times sweeter than regular sugar. It’s calorie-free. And unlike typical proteins, Brazzein holds its structure intact no matter the heat or pH levels.

Plus, Brazzein interacts with your taste receptors in unique ways.

Unlike artificial, non-caloric sweeteners of the past, it doesn’t just deliver one dimensional sweetness. Brazzein actually expands and intensifies tastes like umami as well as sweetness.

When used as an ingredient in foods and beverages, Brazzein not only impacts sweet quality, it enhances other characteristic flavors – offering tremendous flavoring qualities beyond sweetness.

Sweet quality

Brazzein hits a different tongue receptor than ordinary non-caloric sweeteners. And it enables a higher quality of sweetness that amplifies flavor expression. The result: a more sugar-true taste experience.

Sweet Intensity

When used as part of a sweetener system, Brazzein can achieve a greater level of sweet intensity than with natural, non-caloric sweeteners alone.

What makes Brazzein so special?

High-Sweet Potency

Heat Stable

pH Stable

Water Soluble

Sweet Synergy

Unlike ordinary proteins, Brazzein delivers multi-dimensional benefits such as:
  • 500-2000 times sweeter than regular sugar
  • Enhanced Mouthfeel
  • Excellent pH Stability
  • Extended Shelf Life
  • Unmatched Heat Stability – withstands pasteurization, baking and other high heat processes
  • Highly Soluble which makes it ideal for beverage applications
Even sweeter, Brazzein:
  • Blocks bitterness
  • Reduces astringency and sweet linger
  • Eliminates funky aftertastes
  • Limits sugary calories

Want to hear the sweetest part?

Brazzein creates sweet synergies with other Sweegen Technologies, especially Sweegen’s Bestevia® Reb M and Ultra+. Ideal for any product developer’s tool-box.

How do we make Brazzein?

Brazzein powers

The Sweetensify

New-to-the-world taste modulation flavors developed exclusively by Sweegen.

Sugar is known as the original taste modulator. Our sweet protein technology platform delivers a wider range of benefits and flavor options that product developers need when creating products with less sugar.

Our Sweetensify flavors deliver the functional taste properties of sugar without sugary side effects for:

  • Better sweet quality
  • Mitigation of bitterness across a range of ingredients
  • Enhanced flavor tonalities
  • Reduced astringency
  • Reduction of alcohol burn

Discover how this collection takes taste modulation technology to a whole new level here.

All that’s left to say is YUM.

To Sweetensify your next product or portfolio, request a demo today.

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DISCLAIMER: Sweegen Technology Referenced Above Is Patent Pending