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How to Develop the Bellini of Tomorrow

Sweegen’s Modern Take on Classic Cocktails

Bellini Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

Bubbling and sparkling like a sunset on a summer evening, the Bellini cocktail has a personality and history all its own. 


This drink became the life of the party in 1948 in Venice, Italy, at a special art exhibition to commemorate Bellini, a revolutionary Italian Renaissance artist known for painting religious figures in more natural landscapes.  


As event organizers prepared to host the exhibition, they desired to create an exclusive celebratory cocktail. They sought an expert in drink, Giuseppe Cipriani, a famous local bar owner, to come up with the perfect concoction. He crafted a special drink inspired by Bellini’s distinguishing color palette and named it after the artist himself. And it soon became a bar favorite at Cipriani’s bar.  


The original ingredients included cherry or raspberry juice to give it a pink hue. The Bellini we know today is simple – It typically includes Prosecco and peach puree. What makes the Bellini more exciting than most is that it is refreshing, fun, and fizzy, which pairs great with sunny weather and special celebrations. 


While prosecco is a popular sparkling wine, alcohol is not required to experience fun and fizzy beverages. In fact, people are beginning to shy away from alcohol and the calories that come with it. Consumers are becoming “more mindful of what and how much they consume.” (Beveragedaily.com)


Studies show that some of the top reasons people choose to consume low and no-alcohol beverages are because they don’t enjoy the taste and are worried about calories or sugar content. This shift doesn’t mean flavor needs to be compromised.  


Sweegen is pioneering the future of beverages by helping beverage manufacturers develop zero-added sugar non-alcoholic mixed drinks that provide wellness in every drop. This enables consumers to experience the same great taste of alcoholic beverages without the side effects associated with alcohol – all the perks with none of the regrets! 


The low and no-alcohol product movement is in full effect and product launches in this space are projected to outpace previous years.  


Develop better-for-you beverages by partnering with us on your next reduced-sugar product innovation. Together we can leverage Sweegen’s Signature Stevia, Taste Modulation, and functional ingredient portfolio to deliver the best taste experience for your consumers. 


Start innovating now.


You have a choice. Choose well.