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How We are Pioneering the Future of Food and Drink

Sweegen Taste Blazers Take the Lead in Exploring New Categories of Food and Drink

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When you take a sip of a delicious drink, what do you think?  

Do you ever wonder how the creator of that drink made it taste so amazing? Do you ever wonder what combination of ingredients was used to create such a symphony of flavors in your mouth?  

There’s definitely more to taste experiences than meets the mouth.  

Truth is, it takes a team to create delectable taste experiences. At Sweegen, our global product development team is made up of Taste Blazers - people passionate about creating joyful taste experiences that are as good for you as possible.  

Taste Blazers are dedicated to consistently exploring new categories of food and drink because we know food and drink are more than just fuel for the body, they are fuel for the soul. We’re forever on a mission to elevate health and overall wellness through enjoyable sensory experiences.  

One of the ways we bring delicious tastes to life is through taste modulation.  

When creating better-for-you products, with functional ingredients or reduced sugar, taste modulators provide exceptional flexibility for re-establishing balance in a food or beverage system. They can help block bitterness, boost the perception of sweetness, manage a lingering note, enhance mouthfeel, or reduce astringency.  

Taste modulation is complex but its purpose is simple: Create the very best taste experiences to fuel the body and soul. We specialize in the creation of flavors for taste modulation that are tailored to your specific application so that you can best meet the demands of your unique consumers. 

Serious about creating reduced-sugar taste experiences that bring your consumers wellness and joy? 

Contact Sweegen to add taste modulators to your product development toolkit. Sweegen Taste Blazers make meeting wellness goals easier.